Sunday, April 1, 2012

Panther G - Late Version - Tamiya (35176)

Well I recently started painting one of my Tamiya Panther G's, more specific this one.
Sadly I haven't really taken alot of progress pictures of this kitty yet, but here is the current progress.

The turret have been more or less painted twice, since the first time I wanted to test abit of chipping and I didn't like it (first time trying it, practice makes perfect) so I just repainted the turret.

Currently I'm trying to add some depth by applying some pinwashes for shadows, and I'm currently playing with the idea of drybrushing some edge highlights on afterwards using a buff color (pretty much like I do my 1/72) but as I said, not sure about it yet.

*Update 14.04.2012*
Got alot more work done, and I think I'm pretty close to calling it finished. Still need to finish the wheels and tracks, perhaps some pigments and then a matt varnish.

*Update 17.04.2012*
I managed to basicly finish my Panther today, so yay to me. But I actually still need to do some spare tracks for the track rack on the side of it, paint the commander and perhaps give it an overall matt varnish.

But for now, I'm calling it finished, and I'm rather happy with my result, especially since its been quite a while since I did a vehicle in 1/35 and also I've been trying out alot of new stuff on this kit.

So to recap, this kit was a Panther G, Late Version, from Tamiya, which I build totally out of the box with no extra stuff, though I'm considering using another commander for it, but still painting the standard one to for the training.

And without further ado I present Le Kitty.

Well actually, I would like to apologize for the quality of the pictures (was taken with my phone cause I didn't have my camera (which isn't actually much better :-D))

Now the Panther...

(For more pictures of the totally finished version go here)

Any critique, suggestions or praise would be greatly appreciated, naturally praise is prefered. Use the comments below or this thread.

Thank you very much for checking out my blog, and stay tuned for new projects and posts.


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