Saturday, July 2, 2011

1/35 Panther G - Late Version - Tamiya (35176) Assembly

Hello everyone.

Just wanted to make a post about one of my current builds, and for once it isn't in 1/72 scale. I recently joined a campaign on Armorama, where I'm going to build a Panther tank together with quite alot of other people, but it isn't going to begin before January next year.
But i recently had the opportunity to buy two different Panther kits, both from Tamiya and both of them type G, one early and one late version. The kits are almost identical except for the few key parts which are the difference between the early and late version. 
Being Tamiya kits these tanks fit together perfectly, they might not have all the bling bling PE parts and other shizzle new Dragon kits have, but jesus Tamiya know how to make instructions and parts that fit together without any filling or sanding.

So my plan was to build one now and the early version for the Armorama campaign next year. But if you read the blog before you will know that I have quite alot of builds going at the moment, and I'm not sure if I want to finish the rest of my 1/72 first (I'm probably going to) cause I got another couple of 1/35 kits that needs painting (Tiger II, Tiger I and Stug III).

But anyway, I just managed to get the time to finish assembling the kitty today without any trouble, I think I'm going to buy a few aftermarket parts for it such as PE engine grills and maybe a metal barrel and muzzle brake since Tamiya decided to make the barrel to parts and to be honest it's going to take some filling and sanding to get a smooth surface, so alot easier with a metal barrel.
But I think thats about it and overall the kit is quite detailed (atleast good enough for me) and since i got both kits for just about 19$ a piece, so compared to buying a brand new Dragon kit i saved quite alot of money, god bless garage sales.

But here are some pictures of my building process, i tried to add a few weld seams (first try ever) and I should probably try another method next time, but as mention this build is just a trial run for the campaign.

The figures in the set are not as good as some of Tamiya's newer figures, but since this kit is from '94 i don't blame them and I'm probably going to buy some resin figures for it anyway (or perhaps not for this one but the other Panther atleast)

As you might have noticed most of the tools and such are missing from the kit, but I'm going to paint all those things separately since I really would like to try colour modulation on this one, just to try something new.

I will try to keep updating on this build aswell, but since i got quite the queue build up of 1/72 kits, it might be a while :D
But stay tuned!

Well I would really appreciate some comment or suggestions (especially concerning the weld seams) or any other comment you might have really :)

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