About Me

Christoffer McLaughlin Schou

I've been building and painting modeling kits since I was a little boy, I got my father to thank for that and together with him and my little brother we still build and paint together from time to time. But since I'm 25 years old I don't live at home now, so now I mostly paint by myself or with mates from the gaming club I attend.

I'm recently graduated as an ICT-Engineer (InformationCommunicationTechnology) and currently working as a system developer in the danish financial sector. So time for painting has severly been cut down compared to being a student, but I still try to get things done on a regular basis.

A couple of years ago I decided it would be fun to try and create a website or blog to share my work with like minded people. It's been 4 years now and I have no plan of stopping since I really enjoy getting feedback on my work and sharing the things I do.

Welcome to Panzer March, I hope you enjoy your stay.