Friday, April 20, 2012

Panther G - Updated

As I mention in the earlier post about this Panther, I was calling it done enough, even though I had a few minor things I still could do, and what do you know, today I just happened to have the time to get those 3 things done.
1. Spare Track
2. Tow Cables
3. Commander

It's been quite a while since I painted a 1/35 figure, but I'm happy with the result, even though the camo could probably have been more accurate, but was painting it without any references so good enough. I also added a little dirt pigment on the tracks, wheels etc. but not alot.

Well pictures :-) enjoy

Back to painting my Kingtiger.

Cheers Chris


  1. If you want to try weathering, without having to worry about the airbrush, might I suggest something we do in model railroading? Basically, we use soft chalks ground into a powder which can be gently applied after the paint is done to simulate rust streaks, mud, or just general dust. You can do quick google search for "model railroad weathering" if you need some tips.

  2. This sounds quite interesting, thank you very much :-D