Saturday, July 16, 2011

JagdTiger - Porsche suspension - Dragon (7250)

Hello Everyone!

So it's already time for the next project, this time I'm painting my Dragon JagdTigers, two of which I purchased when I visited the Panzermuseum Munster and the lastone I bought from HobbyEasy.

On this build I wanted to present myself with more of a challenge, drawing from my experience from my previous build, I'am going to try to paint these Tanks using the Colour Modulation Method created by Adam Wilder. 
I also got the Night Vision Creations DVD where Adam explains the different techniques and steps while he is painting some vehicles using the CM method, I can only recommend this dvd to anyone who, like me, understands things like this alot better by seeing how it can be done and not just reading about it.
While browsing the Missing-Lynx website I found an article about Colour Modulation where a guy called Mike Rinaldi shows his take on it, this article is also very useful and it has great explanations and pictures, the article can be found here.

As you probably know I'm mostly building 1/72 and I haven't really found any build logs or pictures of 1/72 vehicles painted with CM, but I'm going to give it a try anyway and I will probably adapt it for my own liking to get a result I can be happy with.

Well here you can see my process so far.


Dark Basecoat

I should probably have made it darker, but live and learn.

The shadows from the black is just barely visible, and I might have toned it down a little to much but as mentioned the basecoat should probably also have been slightly darker to give it more contrast to the next coat of dark yellow.

Middle Basecoat

So far I'm pleased with the looks and I hope to add even more contrast when I apply the next few highlights, which I hope to do as soon as possible.


So I got the time to do the highlights today, which turned out pretty good but I still wish I had made the first basecoat darker, since the highlights are quite hard to actually see on the fotos I've been taking (this might also have something to do with my camera) but when you sit with the tank in your hand they are quite visible.

I did a total of 3 highlights, one with dark yellow and deck tan and the next two I added abit of white to make it even lighter.

And here the lighter highlights

Now you might sit and think "I don't see any difference on those pictures!" and I admit it's a suttle difference but I think I did ok for a first try, next time will probably be better.

Constrast Detail

Spend the last couple of hours trying to get a result I liked, because after I had painted all the different parts it just didn't look right in my opinion, but I decided to give it a try and continued with the oil paints to get even more contrast. This step took a different turn than I had planned, since I ended up highligthing/shading with the oil paints but I also gave it abit of a wash and I'm actually quite happy with the result. The only part I don't really like at the moment is the wheels and I'm probably going to do it different on the other JagdTiger.
My biggest trouble with this stage was how much damn time it took, painting all the sand colors was life draining almost worse than painting the rubber rings on wheels, but only almost, and it took quite some time for me to mix some colors I was happy with since non the of "guides" I've used give any sorts of ratios.

On the next couple of pictures you can see what it looked like after the "wash", and compared to the non painted Tiger it looks quite good I think.

For now I'm letting it dry for a couple of days to let the oil colors dry properly, then I might give it a coat of clear yellow since it does look abit to gray I think. In the meantime I hope to do the same to the other Tiger.

I managed to lighten the wheels just a tiny bit, making them more sand'ish and I think it looks alot better than before. Sorry no pictures yet.

Yesterday I started doing the contrast detail on the second JagdTiger didn't have time to finish it thought and won't be able to continue before saturday. Again no pictures since I'm not done yet :)


So I happened to have some time to work more on these models today, so I continued painting the second vehicle. I managed to finish up the contrast detail and started highlighting it with oil paints. Hopefully I will have time to continue further abit later or tomorrow.

Here are some pictures of the current progress.

Above you can see the contrast detail compared to the first Tiger i painted, for some reason I have managed to misplace/destroy the PE grills for the engine deck which kinda sucks.

Below you can see the result after my attempt to further highlight/make more contrast with the oil colors, I'm deeply sorry about the quality of the pictures which are abit shit to be honest, but didn't have a proper light source (Well not that any of my pictures are superb quality :p ). I might be hard to see the highlights on the pictures but it's there!

I still need to paint some shadows around some of the details, but that's for later.


I did actually manage to do the shadows before I went to bed, but I didn't take any pictures at the time. But now fully awake and after a good long nights sleep and a good breakfast I snapped some quick photos of my work.

I really like how both tanks loon at the moment and I kinda dread having to paint a camo scheme on top of it, but like before one will be the test subject. I haven't decided how to paint them yet but I got a couple of days to figure it out while the oil paint dry properly.

Going to take a break now, but I might start doing the basecoat on the 3. JagdTiger which I haven't really started painting yet. I'm hoping to get a better basecoat on that one and since I got some more experience now it should be possible.


I've had these pictures laying around for ages now, but I'm having alot of trouble in my personal life at the moment, so updating my blog, have not been a priority.

Since these pictures were taken I've managed to get a tiny bit more done of them, but to be honest i don't enjoy working on these, they have just taken to long to get done, and if I ever finish them, they will be the last 1/72 i will ever spent this much time on.

So Stay tuned for the slow development!

*I hope you like my work and I would be very happy if you took the time to throw some feedback in my direction or any comment or suggestions really.*
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