Sunday, July 3, 2011

M4A3 Sherman - Italeri (7518) - PART 2

Hello Everyone

About a month ago I recieved 6 M4A3 Shermans from Italeri's fast assembly line of kits, if you've read this blog before you have probably seen the post where I painted the first 3 of them (if not read it here). Now the time have come to finish the last 3 Shermans and while I'm writing this post the current layer of paint is drying. 
This time around I'm going to do it using the same technique as last time, though I tried to paint the base color slightly different and I'm looking forward to see if it makes any difference in the end, the result I manged to get last time was rather pleasing and I'm surely hoping to repeat the succes.

I tried to spice up the basecolor of these tanks, since I really find one tone tanks abit boring (One of the reasons why I love building German panzer) so this time around i started out like last time with a basecoat of olive drab, followed by a highlight of olivegreen and then i added a few drops of white and sprayed this on the edges and on the top of the turrent and hull. I then decided to add abit more shadow so I took my olive drab and added abit of black which I applied in the shadowy areas and the weld seams. After the basecoat was done I gave the tanks a few coats of clear and left them to dry, my next plan is to give them a little black wash to create even more shadow after which i will try to drybrush some highlight and wear and tear (like last time) and I hope the result is going to be atleast as nice as my other Shermans.

I let the wash dry over night but I decided it had made the tanks abit to dark for my taste, so I mixed a lighter shade of green and sprayed it lightly on the edges and big surfaces of the models and I think I'm quite happy with the result.
Next up is probably a drybrush of buff and then details such as tools are going to be brush painted, but I probably won't be able to finish them in the following days since I'm needed elsewhere.

So I managed to get abit more work done the other day. I tried to drybrush them with buff which turned out quite good, after that I thought I would try to airbrush them with buff to make them look more worn, dusty and sun faded, this also turned out ok, and so far I'm rather happy with the result.
I also applied the decals.

Next step is painting the all the details.

To begin with I painted all the tools, tracks and weapons Black, which was then drybrushed/painted  with Gunmetal. The wood handles for the tools and the grip for the .50 cal was first painted a dark shade of brown and then highlighted with a lighter brown.

Below you can see the finished result and to be honest I think they turned out quite nice, maybe even better than the other Shermans I painted earlier.

Old Shermans left and new Shermans right

As I said I'm quite pleased with the result and I think I will try to use some of the techniques I used on these on my upcoming builds, which will most likely be some JagdTigers. But I must admit I don't really enjoy painting U.S. Vehicles as much as I do German tanks, but that's not an excuse for doing a bad job, ever.

I would be really happy if you drop a comment or some feedback in the comment section below.

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