Friday, June 10, 2011

Panzermuseum Munster

I'm going to Germany tomorrow to visit the Panzermusem in Munster , my third or fourth time i believe, and it's going to be legendary as usual! i will be bringing my little shitty camera, but i hope to take loads of pictures and if people are interested i could post them here.

Also i have taken some pictures of the kits i'm currently working on assembling and i just started painting my two StugIII today, only primer so far though. Not sure i will be able to finish them this weekend or the following week since i have alot of exams coming up and i should probably study for them.

But please leave a comment in the section below if you would like me to post the pictures from Munster, if there is no interest i'm not sure i will since it's going to take ages.

Have a nice weekend!


Just returned from Munster! it was legendary.

I will be posting some pictures soon'ish when i have sorted them all out.

Pictures uploaded, just onto my facebook for now though, but here are the links



I really hope you like the pictures, there was alot more models in the exhibition, but i mostly took pictures of the ones i liked and didn't bother much about the fantasy and modern stuff.
I think i got pictures of most of the real tanks, but have missed some of the moderns ones but i was more interested in the WW2 panzer.

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