Sunday, April 22, 2012

PzKpfw IV Ausf. J - Tamiya (35181)

So I always wanted to build a Panzer IV, and since I haven't gotten my hands on a 1/72 kit yet, I thought I would build my 1/35 Tamiya kit I had laying around.


Well what can I say? it's a Tamiya kit, even though it might not be as detailed and pimped as the new Dragon kits, it just fit perfectly together, the instructions are perfect and the details are totally adequate and if you wanted to pimp it with some PE parts, you could easily do that, personally I'm thinking about getting myself some PEShürzen for my tank, since it isn't included.

These old Tamiya kits aren't that expensive compared to todays standard (well they are almost 20 years old) so you can afford some extra things before you reach the Dragon prices. I got both my Tamiya Panthers in a garage sale for about 13€ as piece, and this kit was roughly the same as far as i remember.


So before I stopped for the day I started priming the tank (I assembled it a few weeks ago, but never had the time to begin painting, since I was working on my Panther).
I'm trying out my new Vallejo Grey Primer, and being used to spray Tamiya paints I still gotta get used to the Vallejo Air series.

This project is temporarily shelfed until I get some parts home from Chinaland (Shürzen). I've decided to apply some zimmerit aswell, since alot of the pictures I've looked at of the J version had zimmerit, and it's always a nice thing to practice.

Stay tuned for further updates.

Lübeck Exhibit 2012

Hello Everyone

So yesterday 21.04.2012, I went to Lübeck to attend the model exhibit being held there. I been there once before many many years ago, and just like last time it was really awesome, so many amazing kits being displayed and you get a chance to talk to people about how they did stuff etc. (even though I don't speak  german, but luckily I had brought my old man in case of translation needs :-D)

Both of us forgot to bring an actual camera, so I had to make do with the camera in my Galaxy S II, which is actually quite decent if the light is ok, but you have been warned now, so if any of the pictures is abit shit it's because of the cameraphone. I haven't taken pictures of every single model, cause if I had I would probably still be down there going at it.

Hope you enjoy :-)