Wednesday, June 1, 2011

M4A3 Sherman - Italeri (7518) Fast Assembly kit

I bought these to get abit of resistance for all my german tanks, actually i bought 3 of these, so a total of 6 shermans. First i want to point out this kit is especially made for wargamers and for fast assembly. And this kit sure is fast to build! since each tank is only 13 parts it only a few minutes to assemble each model. Know you might think that this kit must have crappy detail, but actaully that is not the case, i must say i was quite pleasantly surprised myself, admitively i haven't got any other shermans to compare them too, but i think the detail on these kits are very nice and well worth a buy.

I shared some pictures of the finished models which can be found in an earlier post. But here are some pictures of the ongoing painting process.
Primed with Olive Drab

Dusted lightly with Olive Green

I also gave them a black wash, which is drying as i'm writing this.

I don't think i will have them done today, but shouldn't take to long to finish them as soon as i figure out how i want to highlight them.


I started out by testing my highlight on one of them to see if it turned out alright, and i think it did, so today i started on the other two. I gave them a drybrush of khaki to highlight the edges if things but also to give some scratches on the hull. Next is a drybrush of buff, so far i've only done this to one of them.

Shermans to the left drybrushed with khaki and Sherman on the right with khaki and buff
The khaki might not really be that noticeable on the pictures but it's there, and quite alot easier to see when you sit with the model in your hand.
Close up of the one with finished highlight

I finished highlight all 3 Shermans and started painting the wheels, tracks and tools black, doing this on 3 models at the same time proved to be very tedious work.
Done at last!
Next up i need to finish painting the tools, tracks and also the .50cal on all of them. Then it's time for decals and some varnish.

*Shermans done!*

Just finished them and to be honest i think they turned out fairly decent considering these were the first time i've painted a US vehicle from WW2 for ages. Also considering the kit i think they look very nice, in the future i might try to buy a Dragon Sherman or something similar, so i have something to compare these to.

Well here are the pictures of my first Sherman platoon!


I think i will paint something else next and then do my other Sherman platoon at a later point.

But anyway i can't do nothing else but recommend this kit and i bet the other Italeri Fast Assembly kits are good aswell. Sure if i had bought 3 Dragon Shermans i would have gotten more detailed tanks, but i just felt like testing this kit and i don't really fancy allied tanks from WW2 so spending hours assembling something i don't really like would have been quite boring, so this was the perfect alternative.
Good kit overall and i think my paintjob turned out nicely!

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