Sunday, June 12, 2011

Work in Progress

So i started painting my last two Stug III yesterday, so far i have only had the time to prime, basecoat and apply the brown camo and i'm not sure if i will have the time to do anything else on the this weekend.

Beside those i finished building my 3 Trumpeter JagdTigers and they look quite nicely, i would like the side skirts for them and i'm currently looking into that. I accedently bought a couple of Dragon JagdTigers aswell when i visited the Panzermuseum in Munster, Germany, because i wanted to compare them. The Dragon ones are the Porsche suspension and i'm not sure if Dragon even did a Henchel version in 1/72. 
But they actually compare nicely, both kits have details that are better than the other, but overall they are mostly the same.
Dragon JagdTiger box

Trumpeter JagdTiger box

Here you can see a few pictures of my Trumpeter JagdTigers, i think the detail level is quite nice it's just a shame there are no side skirts for them in the kit. But i know it's possible to buy some PE-skirts for them and i might do that. The zimmerit is decent not as realistic as Dragons though but not bad really.

Trumpeter JagdTigers

Dragon JagdTiger WIP

 Here are some pictures to compare the two kits, Trumpeter on the left and Draogon on the Right

You might remember in a previous post i said that i had also gotten an Elefant from Dragon, this i have finished building aswell.

 If you compare it to the Ferdinand i build earlier you will notice there really isn't much difference, except for the key features which make it an Elefant and not a Ferdinand, such as the machinegun, but besides that not much difference, still a good kit though.

I will be posting some more pictures of the progress on the Stugs whenever i get the time to actually progress.

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