Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tiger Update! + Tank Queue

Hello everyone

If you have read this blog before you might have seen an earlier post about my tiger builds, which i didn't get to give any turret numbers because most of them have zimmerit and i wanted to wait until i got my decal softener.
And now since it is here there is no excuse left for not doing it! so here are the updated pictures.

I also wanted to post a picture showing what i'm currently working on, or actually it is the painting queue and it keeps getting longer.
3 Shermans, King Tiger, Tiger, Panther G, 2 Stug III, 2 JagdPanthers and the 3 Shermans im curently painting

Soon i will be receiving another 3 early Panther G with zimmerit, 2 King Tigers, an Elephant and 3 JagdTigers! so looking forward to that alot, except for the knowledge of the painting queue getting bigger.

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