Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Arrivals!

So i just recieved 5 new kits today, well when i say 5 it's actually only 1 new kit since the other 4 i have build before.
The List:

Dragon 7252 - Panther G, Early Production w/Zimmerit x2
Dragon 7240 - Kingtiger Ausf. B (Henschel Turret) w/Zimmerit x2
Dragon 7253 - Sd.Kfz. 184 Elefant x1

Was planning on getting 2 Elefants so they could make a platoon of 3 with my Ferdinand, but sadly i got the last one HobbyEasy had, and didn't bother to order just one kit from another site.

I just build the Elfant today, and the kit was decent, pretty much the same as the Ferdinand i build earlier, except for a few new alterations which make it an Elefant. Sadly it didn't come with Dragons molded on zimmerit, which i had hoped (It's also depicted with zimmerit on the box) and i was abit to lazy to apply some myself, maybe on the next one.

I also started on one of the Kingtigers but didn't have the time to finish it (I believe i have posted pictures of the one i already build), my plan is to build all 3 of them and paint them at the same time, this way i'm sure they will look more alike to depict them as being in the same platoon.

I'm probably going to ask for some inspiration concerning the camo pattern in which i'm going to paint my new Panther, Kingtiger and JagdTiger platoons, so if you have some great pictures laying around throw me a link in the comment box below.
But more on this later when i'm actually done building all of them, for starters i need to recieve my last Panther and my JagdTigers (hopefully tomorrow for the JT's).

Pictures will of course be posted as assembly is progressing !

Have a great week!

*Edit June 8 2011*

Just recieved my JagdTigers today! :D

Trumpeter 07293 German Sd.Kfz 186 Jagdtiger w/Zimmerit x3

It's the Henchel version, and i actually don't think it had zimmerit in real life but what ever. The zimmerit though is actually ok looking, not quite is nice as Dragons but still not bad. I of course would have prefered a Dragon kit, but the Dragon JagdTiger with zimmerit (7291just looks abit meh, it doesn't come with any tools what so ever and it just looks abit dull. The earlier Dragon JagdTiger (7250) looks quite nice though, it is without zimmerit, but comes with tools, spare tracks on the superstructure and alot of decals. So if i ever want to get some Porsche JagdTigers i think it will be the older Dragon kit.

But this kit is not bad at all, and it was a pleasure to build and the overall details are very nice. I will post some pictures as soon as i get my camera back.

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