Friday, June 17, 2011

JagdTiger side Skirts + JagdPanther Progress

Hello everybody

I just recieved a couple of PE side skirt sets for my Trumpeter JagdTigers, i was only able to get 2 sets since HobbyEasy didn't have more in stock. But it doesn't matter since it would also be boring if all of them look the same, i noticed that on most JagdTiger photographs the skirts are actually missing so it should be ok.

The fenders i bought were these:

E.T. Model E72-021 - Kingtiger/Jagdtiger Fender & Schurzen

I only assembled one of them and i must say they look quite decent. I'm not exactly a PE virgin but i would still consider myself a newbie but i think i managed to bend the skirts about right and I'm happy with the result.
I just hope I will be able to replicate to result one more time :D

And here are some pictures of the progress and the finished result on the first JagdTiger

As i believe i might have mention in the previous post I started painting my two JagdPanthers, so far only primer and basecolor but it's getting there!

Right now i think i will go finish up the fenders for the second JagdTiger and if time permits it try to get the camo pattern done on the JagdPanthers.

So I actually managed to forfill my goals for this evening, so here are the pictures of the second Trumpeter JagdTiger with fenders and a few pictures of my JagdPanthers with nearly finished camo pattern.

JagdTiger collection so far

Here is a couple of shots of my JagdTigers progress, i think i might clear it up abit with some more dunkelgelb, but that is for another time right now I need to get some sleep so I'm ready to prepare for my exams tomorrow.

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