Sunday, May 22, 2011

Stug IV - Revell (03182)

Don't let the sweet box art fool you, this set is crap, well atleast compared the Dragon Stug IV i've previously build. This set is not very detailed and i would consider it a beginner set after having assembled it, two of them actually (stupid me). Supposedly Revell makes some of the best Pz.Kpfw IV kits on the 1/72 market, sadly i haven't had the change to get my hands on one of those, but after having build this i'm not sure i want to throw more money at Revell right now.

I really like to look of the Stug with side skirts which is way i bought this because Dragon doesn't make a Stug IV with schurzen, i suppose it would be possible to buy some PE side skirts, but i didn't think of that at the time...sadly.

Of course i forgot to get some pictures of the Stugs assembled, but here are some of them after priming and basecoat of sand. I've also taken some pictures to compare to my Dragon Stug IV.

 Here you can see some of the differences of the two kits, the Dragon kit is clearly alot more detailed, actually i can't come up with a single thing where the Revell kit is better, except for the side skirts.
For wargaming i suppose the Stug from Revell would be sufficient but i surely wouldn't use it for display unless it was heavily modified with PE parts and other stuff.

Just finished with the camo scheme of both the Stug IV. I then drybushed them with sand and applied a blackwash to the entire model. I didn't try to recreate any camo pattern from photos, they are actually just random.

The wash is left to dry

I'm hoping i can have them finished in a few hours which i think is quite manageable, only problem is the damn rubber ring on all the wheels the most tedious of all painting.

Wheels almost done...and testing side skirts

Ok i finished both of them now and my conclusion is that it's going to be a long time before i buy another Revell kit, the lack of detail (especially on the lower hull, wheels and tracks(!)) just makes this kit less enjoyable. The only positive thing is the side skirts cover most of the lower hull so only small parts of the terrible tracks are visible.

Anyway here are the pictures of the finished Stugs.

I am quite happy how they turned out though, but next time i get  the idea of getting Stug IV with Schurzen, i'm going to get a Dragon kit and buy some PE skirts for it.

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  1. Hi,

    You are right on this Revell model. Some additions:
    - Nozzle is much too big and isn't "open". If assembled you are looking at a big lump of plastic at the end of the barrel if you don't make alterations (small gun hole) yourself.
    - Bottom part isn't exactly matching upperpart/backpart assembly, so a bit tweaking with wrapped thread, so glue sets in, is necessary.
    - Details in leaflet were made for the model scale 1/35. A lot of details are simply not found in scale 1/72, for example: back of superstructure became just flat also no extra box, no antenna, no extra side tools, gunskirt at front directly attached to superstructure, no side box for spare wheels.
    - Spare tracks are supposed to be just glued onto front. No "holding details" for these spare tracks.
    - The main issue are wheels and tracks. These are simply not according to the original. Tracks are made flat, wheels are single instead of double.
    - Tracks are supposed to be attached "track by track" and is just too much of the same for getting really exited about building this kit.

    Put it in general this Revell kit is too simple, way off of the original.