Saturday, May 21, 2011

StuG IV Late - Dragon (7260)

After having build the Stug III i figured i might as well try the Stug IV as well, sadly i couldn't find any with the side skirts which i really think makes the Stug look awesome. But HobbyEasy did have this Late Stug IV from Dragon which i decided to try.
A few weeks later i purchased a new Stug IV from Revell, two actually, since i figured it would be nice to have a platoon of Stug IV and i wanted some with side skirts, have have only assembled one and i must say it is pretty disappointing when it comes to the little details which Dragon excels at, i will add a proper review when i get around to actually paint it. Next time i think i will stear clear of Revell and buy Dragon or Trumpeter  instead, i have a couple of late Tiger I from Trumpeter and they are very nice, again review when they are finished.


Nothing fancy here, everything fits together nicely and the instructions are the usual Dragon standard of real pictures instead of wireframe. Like all Dragon kits the detail on this are quite good especially if i compare it to my Revell Stug IV, don't have any pictures of that at the moment but could be added later. Again no PE-parts for this kit but the only place i could have seen them really make a difference were at the engine deck since everything else already got good detail. I really liked the way the road wheels were assembled in this kit, because the rubber rim of the wheel is a part for it self, which means they can be painted without fear of ruining the paint on the actual wheels  and then put together in the end, it's a small thing but nothing is more tedious than painting rubber rims on german tanks, especially on Tigers and Panthers.


The technique used for painting this is the same as all my other tanks.

  • Prime the entire model with a red'ish brown or hull red
  • Paint the model sand, Dunkelgelb preferably
  • Apply camo scheme, most commonly olive green and red/chocolate brown disruptive patterns
  • Drybrush with sand
  • Wash with matt black thinned with water
  • Drybrush with buff
  • Paint details, glue on tracks and drybrush those with gunmetal
  • Apply decals and airbrush with a coat of matt varnish
  • Display or rule the wargaming table with the might of german panzer
Here the camo pattern is done, and model is ready for drybrush


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