Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sd.Kfz 184 Ferdinand - Dragon (7202)

This was the first 1/72 kit i've made for roughly 8-10 years i think, since i previously mostly build 1/35 kits.
I picked up the kit at a local store because i just wanted to try to build 1/72 kit since it had been so long, and i wanted to see how the detail was at the smaller scales.

The kit had decent detail, i think it's an older Dragon kit, the only really big thing was the tracks which no matter how you put it was simply to long, which you can see on the pictures.
I don't have any progress pictures only pictures of the finished kit, but here they are.

As it is easy to see the tracks are way to long, i don't know why i just shortened them :p, but this doesn't look to bad i think.

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