Tuesday, May 31, 2011

JagdPanther Preview

So i got around to building my two new Dragon JagdPanthers and of course it was a joy as usual. This particular kit comes with a die-cast upper and lower hull, which really adds a nice weight to the model. Luckily the metal parts fit together nicely, it really would have been a bitch if it didn't, and they are also richly detailed like the rest of the model.
As all of Dragons Panther kits it comes with alot of extra parts which can help you make it into an early or late version, in this kit the canon, gun mantle and exaust if i remember correct.

I haven't had time to painting them yet, since the queue for that is quite long at the moment, but i doubt it will be more than a few weeks before these two Tank Destroyers are finished.

Going to drill a hole for the commander

I tried to build an early and a late version

Well make a longer post when the are painted !

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