Wednesday, May 25, 2011

JagdPanther - Dragon (7241)

Well i just want to start by saying that JagdPanthers are freaking awesome. Well Panthers are the best looking tank to come out of WW2, so i suppose it was inevitable before i got a JagdPanther kit. This model comes with zimmerit which as usual looks perfect, alot better than what i would have been able to do myself.

As all of my kits i bought this at HobbyEasy where it was on sale, sadly i think it is out of stock at the moment, but i bet it's possible to find it somewhere else.

Well not alot to say about this kit, it was a pleasure to build and everything fits together nicely as usual. The only problem i've got with this set is that the hatches for the crew are molded on which means it would be very hard to give this kit a commander for instance, i suppose you could cut off the commander hatch and glue it on open, but chances of that messing up is quite high i would imagine.

The painting was done by as usual  by priming the entire model and then giving it a basecoat of the base camo color. Afterwards the camo pattern is applied, the pattern is went with was just some pattern i found on an image.

The model is drybrushed, given a black wash and then another drybush. Afterwards the details are painted, the tracks glued on and decals applied.

Overall this kit is highly enjoyable and i would recommend it to anyone who would like to build a JagdPanther. I got another 2 Dragon JagdPanthers just waiting for me at the postoffice, it's another kit though but i bet it will be as good.

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