Thursday, May 26, 2011

Box of goodies!

A shipment of long awaited goods just arrived today! :D it contained the 2 JagdPanthers i was waiting for and 6 M4A3 Shermans, which i bought out of sheer curiosity just to check out the quality and secondly to get some tanks to battle my panzer.

And boy was i suprised when i build a pack of Shermans, considering each model is only 13 parts i think the detail is very nice and with a proper paintjob i think it's going to be hard to tell the diference from a proper single model kit. These kits from Italeri is made with Wargamers in mind and i think most of the popular tanks from WW2 is available in sets like these Shermans.
I think they look quite nice

And a few pictures from some of my other current builds


King Tiger waitinger for paint

Soon im going to have 6 Shermans and 2 JagdPanthers that will need paintjob, i got quite alot of work ahead of me.

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