Saturday, May 5, 2018

Germany - Waffen SS - Bolt Action - Warlord Games

Hello everyone!
A good friend of mine has been pestering me about painting the rest of my Bolt Action stuff for a very long time now, so I decided now was the time to paint the last 21 infantry models I had laying around and was planning to use in play.

The experience of batch painting 21 models which had to have Oakleaf and peadot camouflage on most of their uniforms was not a pleasant one, and more than once I was very close to losing my mind :-p

But now they are done! and I managed to take a few army shots.

Still have a Panther, a Hanomag halftrack to paint, but that will be for future projects.

Here are a few more pictures.




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  1. That's a lot of well-executed camouflage - nicely done! And retaining one's mind is overrated anyway...