Monday, January 11, 2016

Elefant - Battlefront - GE132

Hello everyone

It's been while since I updated this this blog and for that I'm sorry. Most of last year I spent painting stuff for my friends and other favors but after having finished those projects, I thought it was time I finished these two Elefants from Battlefront. I actually started painting these at the same time I did my Otto Carius Jagdtiger, but then something got in the way, and they got shelved until now.

I did however kinda rush them finished, but even though I think they turned out fairly decent :)

Not much else to add, so have some more pictures!

That's it for now.

It might be a while before I update here again, but if you want to check up on my work go to my other blog Dorn's Arrow. My next project for this blog will probably be an E-100 in 1/35 scale.

Until then

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