Saturday, February 21, 2015

Small US Army - Bolt Action - Warlord Games - D-Day Firefight & Armored Fury

Greetings everyone!

So a friend of mine bought some Bolt Action (D-Day Firefight and Armored Fury), and he needed someone to play with so I decided to try it out, German army naturally :-p

For starters we decided to paint up the US forces so we could use them for training and learning the game. Nothing special, just a nice tabletop standard.

We painted the infantry in a day (Still need to assemble a few more though) and I Volunteered to take the Shermans home and spice them up a bit, again nothing special, just good Tabletop standard.

I have a few Flames of War projects I need to finish and then I will probably start painting my Waffen-SS Bolt Action Army, at least some of it, still have a lot of FoW stuff that needs paint...

Anyway pictures, not the greatest, really difficult to take pictures of infantry...


  1. Sorry for digging up an old post. This came up when I googled. Love the look of your Shermans, any chance you remember the paint scheme?

    Really great job overall.

    1. Hey Sean, sorry for the veeeeeeeery late answer, but totally forgot about this...

      It's been a while since I painted these, but I seem to recall I used the AK interactive Olive Drab Color Modulation set, maybe using like 3 of the colors, then just going from dark to light using my airbrush :)