Thursday, February 5, 2015

Panther G, Early - Tamiya - 35170 - Finished

Greetings everyone

My Panther Project is now finished, atleast I'm probably not going to add anything else to it or do more work on it, it has taken enough time as it is :-D 

I think it turned out pretty well considering how few 1:35 scale vehicles I have painted for a long time now. The tank and figure is painted and weathered with a combination of Ammo, AK and Vallejo paints and products. The tank it self is build basically out of the box with few additions of after market stuff (The Barrel, Engine grills and Zimmerit). The only thing I can say about the kit is that Tamiya is such a joy to build, sure it might not be as detailed as the newer Dragon kits, but considering that this kit is more than 20 years old I still think it's quite nice, and most importantly it fits together so well and takes no time to build (Think I did it in a few hours, applying the zimmerit took longer than building the entire tank :-p).

Anyway not much else to say except for I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Also here's a few close ups of the commander before he was inserted into the turret. It's a SS Panzer Commander from Alpine Miniatures :)

Hope you liked it, I sure enjoyed building and painting it, even though it took a lot of time... 

Until next time

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