Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Tiger I - Bolt Action - Warlord Games (WGB-WM-123)

Greetings everyone

Recently my "local" hobby store had an Bolt Action sale with 50/70% discounts on everything in stock so I decided, that even though I don't play the game or collect any of the figures for the game or in that scale (1/56), I had to get something.....damn you discounts!

Most had already been sold but this single Tiger was still in stock so I thought I'd just get that. I have no previous experience with the quality of Warlord Games miniatures (I have seen pictures though) but I must say, after having opened this kit and assembled it, that the quality is superb! So many crisp details everywhere and very few mold lines etc. that had to be cleaned.

This tank is basically just 4 large pieces of resin with white metal details (Mg, hatches, barrel and the 2 commander figures), and everything just looks fantastic.

Overall huge thumbs up to Warlord Games from me, and I might just after having tried this collect a little Bolt Action army at some point (When I've reduced my stack of FoW things).

Anyway, I have never painted a vehicle in this size before and I'm quite looking forward to it actually. Its naturally quite a lot bigger than the 15mm tanks I'm used too, but still not as big and ungainly as a 1/35 scale tanks.

Even though the plan was to continue with my 1/35 Panther I had to throw some paint on this quick :-p  

Here's a couple of pictures of the assembled tank and after I primed it gray. I did actually try to do some preshading with gray as the base color, black for shadow and white for highlights, but they kinda got lost a bit after the dunkelgelb got on there :-p so Just did some quick highlights.

And here's after a few different shades of dunkelgelb. I think I'll do some soft edge green and brown camo during my next painting session :)

That's it for now, I'll try to keep you updated on the progress :) either here or on FB


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

E-100 & E-75 - Heer46 - Finished

'Allo 'Allo everyone

So I'm ready to call this project finished!

Still not happy with the E-100, getting another at some point. The E-75's though I'm quite satisfied with, as usual some things could have been done better, but overall I'm happy :-D

These were another great build of Heer46 tanks and I can only recommend people to try some of Denis Schuhmacher creations! Big thumbs up from me yet again!

Picture time!

E-100 - 1

E-75 - 121

E-75 - 122

Well that's it, hope you like them. As usual comments, suggestions and questions are more than welcome either below or on my facebook site :-)

Next project might be my 1/35 panther I'm doing for a campaign on the Armorama forums and perhaps some german 15mm infantry on the side ;)

Until next time


Saturday, January 17, 2015

E-100 & E-75 - Heer46 - Almost done

Hello everyone

Just wanted to post pictures of the current state of things. The tanks are almost finished now, still working on a few small things and hopefully I will have those finished tomorrow :)

Fairly happy with the result, The E-100 really doesn't look a good as I hoped, but it really did loose a lot of detail during the paint removal process after the initial failed paintjob :/ will definitely buy another soon, cause that tanks is just to cool :-p

Hopefully I will have more for you all tomorrow!


Sunday, January 4, 2015

E-100 & E-75 - Heer46 - Update

Hello everyone

Just a picture update today.

Mostly done with weathering, still got some things to do and then I also really need to see if something can be done to some of the "chipped" areas, the lighter color is just to light, but sadly it isn't something you can just redo :-p