Sunday, December 14, 2014

E-100 & E-75 - Heer46

Hello everyone

As regular readers (if I actually have such) might have noticed its been a while since my latest update, the reasons of this is primarily that I'm currently posting most of my Work in Progress stuff on my Facebook page (Just a lot easier :) ) and the second reason is that I just haven't had much time for painting (Damn you World of Warcraft expansion!, well and Work).

But of course that doesn't mean that I haven't been painting at all! Lately I've been building and painting these 3 tanks from Heer46 and as usual they are awesome. One of the E-75 has some ridges left on the turret from the printer (I guess they are 3D printed? I have no idea actually) otherwise the casting of the turret could have been better but nothing major. The only really negative thing I got to say about the E-75's is that the commander hatch can't be opened, it's a little thing but could have been cool. The E-100 is looking a lot more worn than I would have liked and some details were lost, this was caused by the paint stripping I did on it after the initial paintjob which I didn't like. I guess that plastic/resin is a bit softer than I'm used too from BF miniatures or PSC plastics.

Nevertheless the camo and decals are done and they have gotten some satin varnish, so the weathering process is about to start! at this rate I guess I will have these kitties done early 2016 :-p Nah well the christmas holiday is coming soon so hopefully I can get them finished during it.

The camouflage patterns are not really based of anything, I just wanted to try something new. The E-100 camo was done with small masking tape strips and the E-75 with Blu-Tac.


E-75 - 121 

E-75 - 122

Group Photo