Monday, June 30, 2014

Panthers - Plastic Soldier Company - WW2V15012 - Base coat finished

'Allo 'Allo

Just a little update today.

I managed to get a bit of work done and the base coat of basicly done now. Next up comes the camo pattern and filters to blend things together.

Well not much to say :-p

Have some more pictures

Next painting session probably won't be before this weekend.

So stay tuned


Sunday, June 29, 2014

More Panthers! - Plastic Soldier Company - WW2V15012 - Painting has Started

Hello everyone

As promised yesterday here's a little update of the painting I managed to get done today. I figured I might as well paint the remaining 3 Shermans from my Open Fire set while I'm at it.

So far I've primed everything black, then applied the dark base coat and the first highlight (of 3). I didn't get further than doing the dark base on the shermans though. The plan is I will continue tomorrow after work.

Here's a few pictures I took as I progressed


Dark Base coat (primed first)

First Highlight

The pictures aren't great, the not best lighting for taking good pictures :-p

That's it for now


Saturday, June 28, 2014

More Panthers! - Plastic Soldier Company - WW2V15012 - Assembly

Hello everyone!

As we all know you can never have too many panthers, and since my first encounter with 15mm tanks was my previous 5 PSC Panthers, I thought it was time to try again and see if I can get a better result (Though I was very happy with how the others turned out!)

I'm trying to make these a bit more special so I've tried to add some more details. The PSC kits are very nicely detailed and very crisp, but they do lack a few things I feel their resin/metal counterparts do better. For starters there are no welding joins on the turrets and no texture on the cast mantlet and the commanders cupola, well actually there are no texture/imperfections on any surface on these tanks, so I tried to add some (quite nervous of how this will look after painting). I used GW liquid green stuff for this, because I couldn't find my Mr.Surfacer 500, and it actually worked fine.

Another little thing I really wanted was magnetised turrets (After having done most of my Open Fire shermans, I can never go back) and this was very easy to do with a knife.

I hope to slowly start painting these tomorrow, and then work on then alongside my US airborne which I hopefully will have finished soon :)
I'm planning on during a 3 tone hard edged camo on these and I haven't glued on the gun and wheels yet to ease the initial painting stages.

Here's a few more random pictures

That's it for now. Hope you like it and as usual comments are more than welcome.

Stay tuned for updates (maybe tomorrow)


*Oh and also more than 50.000 visits now, thanks for reading guys*

Monday, June 23, 2014

Biermeyer's 3. SS-Panzer Platoon - Opinions

Hello everyone

I just wanted to see if I could get some opinions for one of my next projects. Last year I painted my Fritz Biermeyer character, and I was pretty satisfied with the result.

However I've had the rest of his platoon laying around for ages now and thought it was about time I started painting them. But recently I feel like I've improved on my techniques and I would personally like a uniform looking platoon of 5 tanks of the same quality painting, rather than 4 nice ones and one decent looking (compared to the rest).

But at the same time I would require quite a lot of extra work :-p

So I wanted to get some opinions here. So should I just use him as is and paint the rest, or should I strip him of paint and do all 5 tanks to the same standard?

Would really like some input, so feel free to comment below.

Here's a few more shots of my older Pz IV (colors are a bit off tho)

Hope you will help me out here.


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

US Airborne Platoon - Battlefront - Open Fire - Basing

Hello everyone!

So I've been basing the rest of my airborne platoon today and applied some of the basic colors.
Overall the figures are really nice, though some of them have weird flat areas due to single piece molding I'm guessing. The 30. cal machine gunner group could have been fitting together slightly better (you have to glue the arms on) But I just made some more sandbags (been doing a lot of those lately :-p) to cover it and make the bases more interesting.

Hopefully I will be able to get more done this weekend, but no promises :-)


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Panther Ausf. F - Forged In Battle - P-54 - Finished

Hello everyone!

*Let me just start by saying this post is going to be fairly picture heavy! consider yourself warned ;-)*

So..I have finally manage to get these 3 tanks finished and damnit if I don't think they are the best I've done so far, it's going to hard to for me to do better than this.

Let's get the boring stuff out of the way before I unleash the pictures.

The overall quality of these tanks was outstanding, price was fair and shipping times was exellent. If you haven't already you should go check out ForgedInBattle they have an exelent range of tanks, infantry, cannons and even some rather silly items (Yes you can get Ratte in 15mm (gief))

The tanks are in very few pieces even compared to Battlefronts resin kits and honestly (even though the sculpt was superb) I wouldn't have minded having the tracks seperate and I could have done without the bases (Going to look out of place with the rest of my figures). But to be honest these are very minor things, the tracks was easy to mask when painting and the base was actually quite handy when working on the tanks :-p

Anyway this is definitely not the last time I purchase from Forged In Battle, might even try some infantry at some point (I remember having read somewhere they are very nice). I would recommend this company to everyone if you wan't something a little different than Battlefronts tanks :)

Picture time
Lets start with a platoon picture and move onto the single tank shots shall we?

 Panther Ausf. F - Platoon Leader '231'
I decided to do a different camo on the side skirts and paint the barrel to make it look like a replacement.
The camo could have been a lot better and doesn't really picture the 'real' version of it, but it was bloddy difficult in this scale :-p


Panther Ausf. F - '232'

Panther Ausf. F - '233'

The basing could have been a lot better, I'm not very good at that and have limited supplies laying around :-p but just though I would be to boring just painting them.
As you might have spotted Panther '232' and '233' was painted more generically, but they still look apart because Forged In Battle doesn't just deliver 3 completely generic tanks but all of them was different sculpts.

Well I think that was it. As usual comments and suggestions are more than welcome :-)

I really hope you like it, next up is the rest of my US airborne platoon and hopefully I will have some pictures of these up soon. 

Until then.