Thursday, October 2, 2014

Deathstroke - Knight Models - K35BAO006 - Finished

Hello everyone

Not a FoW related update today, sadly, but I can say that I have started painting my AA trucks that I showed in an earlier post :)

I basically finished my Deathstroke figure from Knights Models, only missing some varnish (Will probably take some better pictures when he's totally finished). I still felt like showing him to the blog now, because I think it did turn out pretty good :) I really noticed it had been quite some time since I last painted a figure larger than 15mm, so it was a fun project and an awesome model! probably not the last time I buy something from Knight Models that's for sure.

Anyway here's a few more pictures :)
Until next time

 Pictures taken with my phone, so not the best quality, even though it isn't that bad.

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