Monday, September 22, 2014

Sherman Platoon (2) - Battlefront - Open Fire

Hello everyone!

As I might have mentioned it other posts, I'm still working on the last of my Open Fire Shermans, and I finally got the time to actually get a bit of work done on them, mind you there's still quite a lot of work left, but I'm getting there.

They might have gotten a bit to worn, but on the other hand they are Shermans so they will probably be destroyed quite a lot in FoW games, so I guess it's sorta fitting :-p

They have been painted basically the same way as the rest of my allied Open Fire tanks so not much to report about that.

As you can see the overall weathering is pretty much done, I doubt I will do much more anyway. 

This past weekend I also managed to get started on another little project for my actually FoW army, so here's a little teaser :)

Work on these will begin when the Shermans are done and I probably should also get my Deathstroke figure finished before these.

Anyways, until next time



  1. Fantastic looking minis, great paint job!

    1. Thank you very much! hopefully I can have the shermans finished some time this week :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks mate :p still try to get a nice result even tho I don't really enjoy painting all this allied stuff :p

  3. They look good. I'd forgotten just how bad the sculpts are. The track details and side of the tank are quite brutal. They look good on the table though.

    1. Yeah they aren't impressive :p luckily one can make up for this with a nice paint job :p