Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sherman Platoon (2) - Battlefront - Open Fire - Finished

Evening everyone!

I managed to get the last of my Open Fire Shermans finished today even though I had a serious hangover.... 
Quite glad with the result I managed to get with these, a lot better than the first 3 shermans I painted for this army that's for sure :)

This also means that my allied Open Fire army is now finished and I will probably make a post displaying that tomorrow at some point.

Next project will probably be to finish my Deathstroke figure and then I will continue work on my AA trucks. At some point in October the Panther Campaign on Armorama will start and I will be doing a 1/35 Tamiya Panther G, early for this. So expect to see something about that build soon'ish.

Anyway here's some more pictures, hope you like them. As usual comments, suggestions etc. are more than welcome :)



  1. They look great. I love the tank commander's goggles especially. The colour modulation also looks great. What paints did you use for it?

    One historical comment (and I hate when people do this, but I can tell from your work that you aspire to accuracy), I believe that the tank commander's beret should be black for guards and that the red was only for British Paratroopers. I may be wrong though, but that was my understanding of the colours.

  2. Thanks Cameron!
    For these I used the AK interactive Olive Drab modulation set, more precisely I used the Dark Base, Base and Shine if i remember correct. Then after that was done it got a thinned down coat of Tamiya Olive Green :)

    I know the berets are wrong, but the red really added a bit of color :) lets just pretend they got them from some paratroopers they relieved :-p

    1. I do the same. Rule of cool sometimes. The red does really stand out. I imagine a few tankers got some red berets at some point.

      I've had trouble adding light colours to olive drab colours. Nice to hear the set is good. I may use it next time I do an army of olive drab vehicles.

    2. Artistic freedom :-p

      I know Ammo of Mig also has a very good range of colors for Olive Drab vehicles :)