Saturday, September 13, 2014

E-100 Krokodil - Heer46 - E100JK - Details + Tracks

Hello everyone

Short update! 

I forgot to make a post yesterday, but better late than never! I've been finished the last few details on my Krokodil, mainly the tracks and all the tools.

Nothing really fancy here worth describing, at least not the tools etc.

The tracks I started by painting them Track primer from Vallejo, then a gunmetal drybrush and in the end a wash of Track Wash from Ammo of Mig. When all this had dried I used some rust pigtems mixed with thinner to give the tracks another wash. I'm going to give them more earth pigments later, so this won't really be that visible to be honest, but you could easily stop here, the rust dries great :)

Paint the rest of the tools etc. however you want, I prefer to paint my tools using grey colours because gunmetal just doesn't look right to be in this scale (I might just be werid ^^).

I have actually been working more today and kinda finished the tank (still need to paint the commander), but pictures will be up some other time soon :)


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