Wednesday, September 10, 2014

E-100 Krokodil - Heer46 - E100JK - Chipping

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I managed to sit down and get some work done. This time around I have been working on some further weathering of the vehicle.

Using a combination of brushes and sponges I started with Vallejo "Iraqi Sand" for the light chips and scratches. Afterwards I went over  most of the light chips with chipping colour from AK also making a few new ones in the process. 
Overall I quite happy with the result of this chipping session, some places could have been better, no doubt about that, but overall, meh not bad :-p

In the end I went over the entire vehicle adding some rust streaks, from some of the more prominent chips and scratches. I also added about of rust around hatches and such. I can't decide if I went a bit overboard with this step, but I still think it looks quite good to be honest.

Next up are the detail painting and tracks.



  1. I think it looks great. Good job!

    1. Thanks a lot Cameron! Really appreciate the feedback :)

      and btw! your new Panzergreandier Platoon is looking freaking awesome!

  2. Excellent work, I also have this model and can't wait to paint it.

    1. It's really awesome :-p not the last time I buy Heer46