Monday, September 29, 2014

Allied Open Fire Army - Finished

As promised yesterday here's some shots of my completed (finally) allied Open Fire army. The pictures aren't that good, it's really hard getting good pictures of infantry in this scale :-p

But anyway hope you enjoy, and hopefully I will have the german side finished Soon('ish)!



  1. Very nice that you have a small force finished. I built my 11th AD company based on open fire. I added some turretless stuarts, 2 more shermans, some universal carriers, and some heavy mortars. Overall the list was around 50% win rate. It did win 1 three game tournament. The fireflys make for some nice anti-tank. The Shermans can be quite fragile though.

    1. I think these will probably be semi donated to my local hobby club :) but let's see, I might add a bit more stuff to it, to get it up to the 1780 points that we usually play with.

  2. Great work, they look really nice. A veteran Sherman company can be quite potent when handled with care.