Sunday, September 28, 2014

60.000+ Visits! and little update :-D

Hello everyone!

I'm almost finished with the last of my Shermans, just need to paint a few things with my airbrush and then some varnish. But since I fairly hungover right now, it will have to wait until later today :-p

But here's a little "teaser" picture of how they are looking right now. And before everyone begins to comment of the beret color I just wanted to say it's on purpose that they are red! It adds a bit of color to the tanks and it looks better and more interesting in this scale in my opinion :-p

Also over 60k pageviews on the blog ! Really appreciate everyone who comes here either to read what I have to say or just look at pictures, I also appreciate the feedback and comments people leave for my work :-)
It wouldn't be the same without you!

As mentioned above I hope to finish these today and hopefully have a proper update at some point tonight :)


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