Sunday, August 3, 2014

Panthers - PSC - WW2V15012 - Platoon finished!

Hello everyone!

As promised here's the actual update of the day! The past weeks I've been working fairly hard getting these done after work. I really have a hard time in this heat and also painting 5 basically identical tanks at the same time really messes with my concentration, it gets slightly tedious painting the same things 5 times...

But anyway! I've managed to finish them and I'm very satisfied with the result.

If you've seen my previous posts about the test Panther, these pictures probably won't be that special because there's just 5 of them now :-p

Don't really have a lot more to say about these now, so lets look at some pictures!

Panther - 211 - Platoon Leader

Panther - 212

Panther - 213

Panther - 214

Panther - 215

And there we have it my second Panther platoon from Plastic Soldier Company have been finished! 

My next project will probably be my new Deathstroke figure and the rest of my Open Fire shermans, then we'll see after that.

Deathstroke - Knight Models

As usual comments, suggestions and questions are more than welcome! Would really like some feedback from this build :)


Bonus Picture


  1. They look great. Good job. The filters really do a nice job of muting the overall brightness of the model. The weathering looks very nice too.

  2. Stunning platoon!! I really love your Panthers, the only thing that I think you can improve is the nmm stuff, like the shovel. In my opinion they need more lights to create more contrast. I painted one PSC Panther recently and is an awesome miniature.

    Congratulations and I'm looking forward to see your next job :D

    1. Thank you very much Iván, you might be right about to tools should have had a bit more contrast. Will take it into consideration for my next build :)

  3. you tuned down the chipping. They really look good!

    1. Thanks Braxe, yeah I really think I managed to keep it to a reasonable level, you can clearly see the difference between the others and Panther '214' :)
      It did however take quite a lot of time to do haha :P

  4. Oustanding work! I love the color modulation and the contrast you have got.

    1. Thanks Heresy :p your blog and tutorials Are very Nice teachers ;)