Thursday, August 14, 2014

Deathstroke - Knight Models - K35BAO006

I wish I could paint figures like this....

Hello everyone

I'm not really sure this this update should be on this blog or my other (probably the other), but since this is the one that people actually visit, I'll just throw the first post here.

I recently purchased this awesome figure from Knight Models because I'm a huge comic book lover, and after having watched season 2 of Arrow, my love of Deathstroke just increased so I had to get this figure when I saw it.


The Box!

The figure is beautifully sculpted and had very little flash that needed to be removed. There's a choice of two heads, the iconic Deathstoke mask and one without the mask with an eyepatch.

I decided to spice up the base slightly, so I tried to sculpt something very simple and city'ish looking. Think I did alright.


I primed the model black and started painting the armor first. I did initially consider if I could paint some of it with airbrush, but decided against it. So brush only paintjob.

In the game Deathstroke hasa sort of blu'ish grey color on his armor, but I didn't want it to be too blue and just look like my space marines....sadly I might have overdone it with the blue and too little grey :-p so it will look a bit more cartoony than intended.

 After the blue was done I started with the orange and afterwards I did a black wash to create a bit more shadow and tone down the blue slightly. I still need to do some wear and tear, I really like the worn look of the box art figure, so might try something similar (just more blue...)

I have slowly started doing all the accessories, but don't have more time to paint today, so might do a bit more this weekend, really want to get this done so I can start work on my next FoW build.

Hope you enjoy (and sorry for the 'fantasy' build on this blog)


*Sorry for the shitty pictures! will try to take some better ones next time*


  1. Great paintjob! waiting to see it finished.

    1. Sadly I haven't had much time to paint the last couple of weeks, but hopefully I will have this done soon :)

  2. Really nice work on these! I love the Panthers from your last post too. Cheers, Paul :-)

    1. Thank you very much Paul :-) glad you like it.