Monday, July 7, 2014

US Airborne Platoon - Battlefront - Open Fire - Finished

Helle everyone!

I haven't had the time to really get work done on my Panthers, so instead I finished my Airborne platoon. I'm really happy with the result I managed to get, but I surely was reminded why I play a panzer army :-p god I really don't enjoy painting infantry. Painting 28 figures at once nearly killed me, just painting the base colors was so fucking boring, which I why this took so long to finish.

Base colors painted

I started by doing the bases and then added all the base colors (so took quite a while for me). Afterwards I did a black wash on everything (except the skin). This added some nice fast shadows.

Shading done using a black wash

I then did 2 highlight on all surfaces. First the base color and then base color + white, I like this easy and fairly fast way of painting infantry to a decent standard, it still does take time though.

Overall it was a nice experience painting some allied infantry and I did learn a lot of things, primarily never to prime infantry white.....never. Next infantry project are the panzergrenadiers from the Open Fire set, but got a few other projects I need to do before I will start on these.

Next up are the last 3 shermans and my 5 panthers.

Let's have a few more pictures. (Sorry for a fairly shitty pictures, just got a new camera and really haven't mastered it yet :-p think I might need a better lense for this scale.

Hope you enjoyed reading.
If you have any questions or comments feel free to add them below :-) 

Stay tuned for more.



  1. they came out very nice, well done!

  2. Thanks mate! just glad to be done with them :-p Panther time babeh!

  3. I feel your infantry pain. A platoon seems to take as long as an entire tank company. They look good. Contrast definitely is the biggest thing for 15mm models. You could even go a bit more extreme with the highlight steps to have them pop a bit more with the same amount of painting time. I think they look great. A lighter highlight might help to differentiate some of the webbing and stuff too.

    Are the flag patches decals or hand painted? They look great. The 101st airborne eagle is pretty easy to add too. Just a black blob with some white and yellow in it. Your mind completes the image from there.

    Infantry platoons are a lot of work but it is definitely worth it once you have them all painted and ready to play with. They look great on the table and really add some depth to a tank company (both visually and strategically).

    1. You are right, some highlights could have been more extreme (or should have). But still very pleased :p and yes the flags are hand painted.