Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Panthers - PSC - WW2V15012 - Little Update

Hello everyone!

Small update today.

Yesterday I managed to get a little painting done and also apply the decals to the tanks. The barrels was painting the same way as the tanks using Blu-Tack and didn't take to long to paint. I did mange to fuck one of them up completely so I had to paint strip it, reprime and then paint again, so I thought 'Fuck it' and painted it as a replacement barrel because it was a lot faster.

After the barrels had been glued to the turrets I gave the tanks a coat of Satin varnish, so now they are ready for filters and washes. Hopefully I will be able to get some work done today.


Since the pictures I posted of my old Panther platoon never were any good I took some new ones. Below is one of them just to show the difference between the two platoons (Keep in mind the old panthers were the first 15mm vehicle I had ever painted).

Old panther platoon, still very happy with the result I got!

The new batch of Panthers look more like tanks now that the barrels are on, sadly it will be a while before the wheels and tracks are attached :-p sorry

That's for now, hope you liked it. As usual comments and suggestions are more than welcome below!



  1. Looking good man! I really like the brilliant camo pattern!

    1. Thank you good sir! very happy with the result so far myself :-D

      Haven't done a lot today beside applying a filter, but maybe tomorrow I will be able to get some serious work done :)

  2. They look good: the schemed reminds me of the one BF used on the Peiper spotlight a bit; that and some Company of Heroes schemes :P.


    1. Thanks! that was kinda was I was aiming for, atleast something like it :)