Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Panthers - PSC - WW2V15012 - Chipping + Rust - Test

Hello everyone

I've been painting a bit today, but it was simply to hot to do long sessions, so I only managed to do one tanks, which is just going to serve as my test vehicle. I'm trying out a few new things this time. I'm pretty happy with the result, but do feel that it could use a bit refinement. Hopefully the rest of the platoon will be even better. Chipping is never easy and way to easy to overdo, Less is always more, I'm yet to learn this it seems :-p

I used a sponge and a fine brush for the chipping. Before on previous builds I went dark chips first and then sand afterwards to sorta underline them. This time around I did the light color first and then colored in the dark afterwards using a fairly fine brush and a steady hand. I quite like the result, but as mentioned above, it needs some work still I think.

Colors used:
  • Vallejo - Model Color 124 - Iraqi Sand
  • AK Interactive - AK 711 - Chipping Color
  • AK Interactive - Rust Streaks
After the chipping was done I painted some rust streaks from some of the larger chips and around some of the hatches and other details. Then using White spirit (or turpentine, just get an odourless one for gods sake!) and a small flat brush (could use any relatively small brush) I dragged and diluted the streaks. When doing the streaks wipe off most of the white spirit, the brush only needs to be moist, otherwise you will most likely just take it all off. For the 'pools' of rust wash around hatches etc. I didn't wipe of the white spirit, but just used it to dilute the pools to make them blend in a bit. I don't know if that description makes any sense :-p

And voila tank done for now. For this tank all the detail and accessory  are up next. But before I do that I still need to paint 4 more pairs of rubber tires...and a lot more scratches :-p

Until then enjoy some more pictures!

Commenst are more then welcome below.



  1. Looks good. I've been thinking about trying the light colour first on chips and scratches too. Might be a bit easier. Are you going to paint the tools or leave them in the base camouflage? I feel your pain on road wheels. One of my least favourite tasks.

    1. Yeah yeah tools coming in the next step :) just need to get the other 4 up to date aswell :)

  2. -Drop the rubber road wheel, just dust them
    -Tune down the chipping by 2/3
    -Scratches are perfect
    -rust... I wonder, these tanks where produced in Sept-November 1944, they probably saw action for 4-5 months at most. Look at your car, you'd expect it to rust afte half a year? Other than that, the rust is not too much overdone.

    1. Agree with the chipping, will try to do less on the rest of them.

      About the rust I'm not really trying to recreate actual vehicles from WW2, but tabletop tanks based on real tanks :-p So my reasoning is that these tanks are going to see quite a lot of action and therefore look a lot more used and worn than their actual counterparts, which never lasted long enough for this kind of wear.
      Well and also I think it looks really nice in this scale with the added detail :)

    2. The exaust were not painted. Burning hot, the paint would not last.

      But, yes, they really look good. ;-)

    3. Don't worry they haven't been painted yet :) doing those while doing the tools and that stuff :)

    4. Just a quick suggestion, but to save some time it might be worth painting tools and things before adding the washes. I try to do this so I can wash around the tools at the same time as the rest of the tank. I am always a bit eager to try other stuff first though before I do the somewhat boring tools.

    5. Hmm might take this into consideration for the next build :) but I don't really mind painting all the details in the end ^^