Saturday, June 7, 2014

Panther Ausf. F - Forged In Battle - P-54 - Small Update

Sweet jesus! only minutes since my last update!

Well I managed to get a little work done on one of my Panther F's (1 out of 3) since I'm still very rookie airbrushing hard edge camo, it takes a while to get done and also since I don't want to ruin the Dunkelgelb basecoat I'm taking it slow.

But nevertheless I did get some work done on one of them which you can see below. So far I have only used my airbrush, so still quite some way to go before this is done (and its two brothers)

The reason why it's so shiny is because I just did the decals like 30min ago, so haven't had the opportunity to give another coat of varnish yet. So far I'm fairly pleased with it, even though I would have prefered a 3 tone hard edge camo pattern, I'm starting out with the 'easy' 2 tone and then I can improve from there.

UPDATE 09.06.2014
Finished airbrushing the two other Panthers and got the decals places. Beside that I have also applied a filter to the first Panther to tie the colors together.

....Just realized the turrets have been switched around on the pictures...sigh

Hope you like it, comments and suggestions are more than welcome.



  1. Just did the camo on the other, two pictures will be up later when I've added the decals :-)

    and thanks a lot CdlT :)