Saturday, June 14, 2014

Panther Ausf. F - Forged In Battle - P-54 - Camouflage Finished

Hello everyone

I basicly managed to get the camouflage done on my Panther platoon yesterday and my Firefly's are nearly at the same stage, so that's the next step. But after that comes all the details painting and then some varnish and voila :-D

Quite happy with have they have turned out so far, as usual some things could have been better, really need to practice my chipping process, but that's the whole point of these projects, to get better and try new things.

I got a few progress shots I shot with my phone I had forgotten about, so I thought I would share them in this post. The two first pictures shows me painting the camouflage on the two other Panthers and then how they looked after a gloss coat. I really want to try to do a hard-edge 3 colour camouflage with blu-tack at some point, maybe next time. Gonna take quite a while I fear :-p

Doing camo with a singe color using the masking method is surprisingly not that time consuming as soon as you've tried it a few times. Would recommend people trying it if they want to highlight their colours with an airbrush. Of course you could easily do hard edge camo with a brush (would probably also take a while and I think it would be harder to get a good shading). 

So next up is a few pictures of the current progress of my kitties, as I mentioned the camo is basically done now and I will begin painting the tools, exaust, tracks etc. next. (After I done some work on my Firefly's)

As usual comment, suggestions and questions are more than welcome :-)

That's it for now, hope you liked it.


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