Thursday, June 5, 2014

Panther Ausf. F - Forged In Battle - P-54


So while I have been painting my Firefly's today I have also been starting up on these as a little side project. I recieved these last week from Forged In Battle and even though I probably can't actually play with these I still had to own them because the Panther looks so damn sexy with this turret (well all version of the Panther is badass). In the kit was 3 Panther Ausf. F in probably 4-5 parts each. The entire hull and tracks is one big piece of resin and it's beautifully sculpted. The turret, gun, IR sight and front mg are metal and also very nice detailed.

The only semi negative things I have to say about these are I could have done without the bases, just so they would fit together with the rest of my units a bit better.
And second the tow cabel on all 3 hulls was damaged so I had to use my very limited sculpting abilities to try and fix them, hopefully they won't be to visible once I get these painted.

Overall amazing looking tanks probably not the last time I try out Forged In Battle, just to spice things up.


So like my firefly's I started by priming them white just to get a nice base coat for the following paint layers.

I can just start by suggesting you watch this superb youtube video series, if you wan't to have a look at what I'm trying to replicate (one day I will hopefully succeed.....damn that mans talent :-p) This is the first film, you can find the other two yourself.

Still need to do the camouflage, and haven't really decided what to do. (Suggestions in comment section more than welcome) But that's for another day.

So I originally wanted to show a picture from each stage, but because of the shitty light conditions and photos I abandoned that idea, so you will have to make do with these before and after shots :)

As I mentioned I started with a white primer and then continued to do the base coat.

So switching between Firefly's and Panther during paint drying this is what they looked like at the end of the day.

Will probably be a few days before I manage to get time to start on the camo for these, but stay tuned for updates :) as always comments and suggestions are welcome.



  1. Great job!
    Very clean, good contrast.

  2. Thank alot mate. I'm looking forward to see how these turn out when I'm done with them.

  3. "(one day I will hopefully succeed.....damn that mans talent :-p)"

    Oh man, you already have it!. Oustanding work :)

    1. Haha not sure about that :p but your videos and blog have helped me a lot and I recommend it to anyone who ask about my work :)