Sunday, June 29, 2014

More Panthers! - Plastic Soldier Company - WW2V15012 - Painting has Started

Hello everyone

As promised yesterday here's a little update of the painting I managed to get done today. I figured I might as well paint the remaining 3 Shermans from my Open Fire set while I'm at it.

So far I've primed everything black, then applied the dark base coat and the first highlight (of 3). I didn't get further than doing the dark base on the shermans though. The plan is I will continue tomorrow after work.

Here's a few pictures I took as I progressed


Dark Base coat (primed first)

First Highlight

The pictures aren't great, the not best lighting for taking good pictures :-p

That's it for now



  1. Becareful...

    You have been advised on another forum to basecoat yellow. It all depends on what you believe the panthers issued in Nov. Dec. had as a base color.

    If you do masking, you should always finish with the color you think was the base coat of the original tank.

    If yellow, finish yellow, if green, finish with green

    In your case, I believe you want to represent Peiper's panther, a lot of people are in the opinion that they were base coated in dark green...

    This is where you are lucky, because, even though you have started with yellow, if you finish with green, it is as if the tanks you are attempting to represent where initially base coated in green.

    My own interpretation is that Man factory indeed painted their tank with a green base.

    So starting with yellow, you still have the opportunity to finish with green and make them "correct".

    If your interpretation is that they were base coated yellow, then your end result will be slightly off (and you will not know why unless someone tells you :-) )

    This being said, I have sdkfz 251 on my table to paint in hard edge and I am following your attemps with baited interest! Might even redo my own panthers...

  2. Good point Braxen!

    I havent't really planned how I Wad going to Paint These. In my mind it just seemed easier to start with yellow since I won't have to mask as much before I paint the first camo color :) so I'm quite excited with how this will turn out.

    I will probably paint the camo on one panther
    Before I do the rest, just as a test :)

    1. don't!...

      better do a test on a model you will not use. With modulation you take a chance to lose consistency across your platoon...

      And indeed, I am very interested to see how they turn out... I won't have the patience to wait... I have already base coated my sdkfz 251s... next will be applying the dark yellow as I intend to finish with... green :-)

      Looking forward to seeing your progress!

    2. Well think i will take my chances :p I feel like I got the base modulation down and since I use the same colors I should be able to match it again. I did the same on my panther F's btw :)

      I plan on painting later when I got home from work

    3. If it fucks up you get to say 'I told you so' :p