Saturday, June 28, 2014

More Panthers! - Plastic Soldier Company - WW2V15012 - Assembly

Hello everyone!

As we all know you can never have too many panthers, and since my first encounter with 15mm tanks was my previous 5 PSC Panthers, I thought it was time to try again and see if I can get a better result (Though I was very happy with how the others turned out!)

I'm trying to make these a bit more special so I've tried to add some more details. The PSC kits are very nicely detailed and very crisp, but they do lack a few things I feel their resin/metal counterparts do better. For starters there are no welding joins on the turrets and no texture on the cast mantlet and the commanders cupola, well actually there are no texture/imperfections on any surface on these tanks, so I tried to add some (quite nervous of how this will look after painting). I used GW liquid green stuff for this, because I couldn't find my Mr.Surfacer 500, and it actually worked fine.

Another little thing I really wanted was magnetised turrets (After having done most of my Open Fire shermans, I can never go back) and this was very easy to do with a knife.

I hope to slowly start painting these tomorrow, and then work on then alongside my US airborne which I hopefully will have finished soon :)
I'm planning on during a 3 tone hard edged camo on these and I haven't glued on the gun and wheels yet to ease the initial painting stages.

Here's a few more random pictures

That's it for now. Hope you like it and as usual comments are more than welcome.

Stay tuned for updates (maybe tomorrow)


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  1. They look good. How did you magnetize them? I'd love to see more pictures of it. Magnets are way better than the pegs.

    1. In picture 3 you can see the hull magnets, Since there was already a hole in the hull, I just took my knife and widened it a bit to make the magnets I had purchsed fit. For the turret I cut the peg off and drilled a hole with a knife (could used a drill, but didn't have one at the time) :) Then it's just a matter of making sure the magnets face the right way, then a little super glue and voila :-p

      I might also add this is best done before you attach the upper and lower hull to each other!