Thursday, June 5, 2014

Firefly Platoon - Battlefront - Open Fire

Hello everyone

So I started painting my two Firefly's from the Open Fire box set. Like the rest of the figures/vehicles from the box they are very nicely done and good detail, but like the other Shermans they do not fit together as good as one might expect, but nothing a few sandbags can't hide :-D

I have been painting quite a lot today switching between these two and a couple of Panthers I will be showing pictures of later. Again I used my AK Interactive Olive Drab Modulation set, starting with the Dark Base, then Dark Base + Light Base 1:1, Light Base, Shine and then a light filter coat of Tamiya Olive Green.

Think it turned out ok, probably not going to have the exact same color as my other Shermans, but thats the problem you have when you don't have the right colors :-p

After I had tried my hand with some home made sandbags (used Milliput) and primed them white, this is what they looked like.

I then started painting the basecoat using the colors mentioned above. After the Olive Green had dried I gave the tanks a coat of gloss varnish, applied decals and then finished with a coat of Satin Varnish.

This is what they look like now after a few hours of painting.

Still a bit of way to go, but I plan to continue painting them tomorrow now that all the airbrush work is done.

Stay tuned for updates and as usual comments are more then welcome.


As you might have noticed I also tried to do the two toned outer barrel, and I'm wondering if the top part should be black (Think I have seen pictures of both)
What do you think?


  1. Nice! I take it the AK Olive Drab is quite "green", or is that the Tamiya tinting it?

    The top of the 17-pounder barrels on the camo'd section could be black or left the original SCC15 green.

    Agree on the OF Sherman models: they don't fit together too well. As another option to sandbags (the British did not make much use of sandbags) you might try the more common addition of hessian camo. I've done some on Cromwells & Fireflies below, and on OF Shermans it works well to hide the more serious flaws.


  2. Yeah the Olive Green is only applied to tint the Olive Drab and make it more well green :-p

    And I think I might paint the top part black, think I would look quite nice, we'll see.

    Loving these pictures, fantastic looking! Hopefully I won't have to paint to many allied tincans in the future so think I'll make do with sandbags on these :D