Monday, June 23, 2014

Biermeyer's 3. SS-Panzer Platoon - Opinions

Hello everyone

I just wanted to see if I could get some opinions for one of my next projects. Last year I painted my Fritz Biermeyer character, and I was pretty satisfied with the result.

However I've had the rest of his platoon laying around for ages now and thought it was about time I started painting them. But recently I feel like I've improved on my techniques and I would personally like a uniform looking platoon of 5 tanks of the same quality painting, rather than 4 nice ones and one decent looking (compared to the rest).

But at the same time I would require quite a lot of extra work :-p

So I wanted to get some opinions here. So should I just use him as is and paint the rest, or should I strip him of paint and do all 5 tanks to the same standard?

Would really like some input, so feel free to comment below.

Here's a few more shots of my older Pz IV (colors are a bit off tho)

Hope you will help me out here.



  1. I often have this conundrum too. Personally, I prefer to evolve as a painter then to try and keep everything uniform. I would keep the model you have already painted. I find that if I repaint models and things that I don't end up making much forward progress towards a playable force. I would say to get your whole company painted before worrying about repainting other models. Any painted model looks better than an unpainted one. I think the tank looks quite nice.

  2. Buy another one. Painting 5 tanks is the same as painting 4.

  3. Hmm Braxen that's not that bad of an idea :-p

    and Cameron you have a very good point as well. But I kinda don't want to repaint something I'm happy with, then rather buy another one and do better and keep the other one as a reminder of how I used to paint.

    Well I'll cross the bridge when I get to it :) thanks for the input

    1. If you bought another one to complete the platoon, I'm sure you would still find lots of use for the older one down the line. Another Panzer IV is always useful for different lists. I'm just not a big fan of repainting things, especially if you put a lot of work into the original model and have lots of other models in need of painting.