Saturday, May 3, 2014

Sherman Platoon (1) - Battlefront - Open Fire

3 updates in 1 day?! this is madness!

So at the same time I bought my Jochen Peiper Panther I also bought the Open Fire set from Battlefront, because I had heard great things about it and also it could be fun to have a small allied army as well.

What can I say,  the box is amazing. I would recommend it to anyone thinking about starting up playing (or just painting) Flames of War since this set contains everything you need. The infantry in this set is probably the best Battlefront have ever done and even better, they are plastic! The vehicles are also quite nice (Plastic aswell) though the shermans didn't fit together all that great to be honest (Still possible to assemble don't worry!). I sincerly hope this is the new standard of upcoming Battlefront products (Especially the infantry, jesus they are gorgeous), but not to say I don't like the resin vehicles they are currently producing, hopefully they will continue to do that aswell.

But enough talk about the Open Fire set! Let me preset the second project I will be working on alongside my command Panther. One of the 3 Sherman platoons from the set. It's been a while since I painted an allied WW2 vechicle (can be seen here and here), so I'm also looking forward to this build and hopefully they will turn out decent :-p To be honest I don't really like painting allied boring just green, but I'll make the sacrifice because the Open Fire set deserve it.

This is the current progress. I painting them while also painting my Panther (and probably paid the most attention to that). I did try my hand at some homemade sandbags for the Platoon leader and I think they turned out ok.

Thats it for now, I'll keep you updated as soon as I have more progress!


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