Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Alternate Future Leopard 2 - Basicly Done!

'Allo 'Allo

So I mounted the commander now and well I guess it's basicly done now, might just give it another matt coat to seal everything in nice and tight, but otherwise I don't really have anything planed.

Oh yes! maybe add the tow cables if I can get them painted properly...(Stupid string shit).

Hope you've enjoyed it :-)


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Alternate Future Leopard 2 - Slightly more finished!

So I managed to get some more work done on the commander and a bit on the tank itself, just a few minor things but still have a few things to do before I'm ready to call it totally finished.

The commander is basicly done, just need to give him a proper matt coat and install him in the turret.

Got a few things fixed on the turret aswell, tried my hand at some simple kill rings, turned out ok'ish, probably need to redo the sod on the barrel.

Until next time!


Saturday, March 8, 2014

Alternate Future Leopard 2 - "Finished"

Greeting everyone!

So I figured I'd better try to get this project finished, so for the past week I've been working on it after work and whenever I had time to paint a bit. I think it turned out fairly ok'ish, but I think it's quite clear from the pictures that I mostly paint 1/100 models and figures :-p

I tried a few new things since the last time I painted a 1/35 vehicles (My panther) some worked out, others could have been better some fucked up and had to be redone from scratch. 

But overall this project have been a blast! was so much fun to paint this modern beast in the same way that its predecessors might have looked. I've ordered a pack of modern german soldiers from Trumpeteer and I'm planning on doing them in the same theme as this, just for shits and giggles.

Well! time for some pictures. Please keep in mind that I don't usually do 1/35 figures or vehicles (or atleast it has been a while) and if you have anything to critisize about placement of stuff or similar, be prepared for the answer "alternate future vehicle" :-p

So while the tank is basicly done, I might do a few touch ups (like the antennas, chips etc.), the commander isn't quite finished yet. First time painting Pea Dot pattern from references and hopefully it won't turn out to shitty.

I hope you've enjoyed the pictures :)

Stay tuned for updates.