Sunday, February 2, 2014

Michael Wittmann - Battlefront - GBX16

Hello everyone!

I recieved this set as a christmas present and I must say after having just finished 4 Plastic Soldier Company Tigers that zimmerit just makes everything more cool :-D

The PSC Tiger might be slightly more reaslistic scale wise, but this kit makes up for it with the zimmerit and the extra figures and car. The only negative thing I have to say about my kit, is that the tiger provided in the box isn't actually the one depicted in the picture...looks more like a generic battlefront tiger to me, but all the figures are the same. Also as far as I can tell no decals was provided in the kit, this might be normal for BF kits (haven't really done a lot of those) but luckily I have plenty laying around.

I'm not actully making Michael Wittman, since my army is currently of the 3. SS Panzerbattalion, so I'm just building it as a command Tiger.

 The model is very nicely detailed and very easy to assemble.

As usual a primed the model white, sprayed it yellow, then highlighted it slighty and applied the camouflage pattern. Sadly I had to do this twice, because the first time around I primed it with a Testors Gloss coat I wanted to try out, sadly this completely ruined the paint job, so I had to do it over.

After the camo was applied I gave it a good nice gloss finished and applied the decals I wanted. After this had dried I gave it a dark wash/pin wash and let it dry.

After the wash had dried up I gave it a hightlight using some oil colors, just mixed a light sandy color.

Hopefully I will be able to sit down a do a bit more on this model, maybe later this week.

(Very sorry for the crappy photos...not at home currently)

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