Thursday, March 28, 2013

Halftrack 251D Platoon - Plastic Soldier Company - WW2V15007

Hello everynone!

Since I just finished my Fritz Biermeyer figure I figured I would start up a post about my upcoming project. This time it's the halftracks my infantry platoon will be driving around in and fighting from. Even though there is 5 halftracks in this PSC kit, I will only be painting 4 of them now, since that is the amount I will be needing at the moment.

Just like the other kits I've been building from PSC this one is just as good, crisp details and easy to assemble, loads of extra stuff on every sprue (riffles, mg's, panzerschrecks, bags, jerrycans etc.) and every halftrack also comes with a gunner and a couple of figures sitting in the back. I'll probably be painting some of these figures to sit in the back, but currently they are still on the sprue.

Four halftracks, their drivers and the gunners.

Since these, unlike my tanks, actually have some interior that need painting, I think I will be painting the interior + drivers first, then tape the opening up, glue the two halfs together and then paint the exterior. Should be fun.

Looking forward to doing these very much, but first I have 18 infantry figures that I have to finish :-D

Update 05.04.2013

So I kinda went ahead and started working on these instead of finishing my infantry. So far I've done the drivers, interior and the gunners are pretty much at the same stage as the rest of my infantry, so I can paint them at the same time. So now I can begin working on the outside as soon as I get near my airbrush again. But atleast I can prime them now.

Next update will probably be panzergrenadier related since I'm not currently near my airbrush which I kinda need to continue work on these now :)

Update 11.06.2013

Yes your mind is not playing tricks on you! it's an actual update. Its been a while I admit, I just haven't had a lot of time or energy to get a lot of painting done (Exams etc.). But the last couple of days I've been working on my 4 halftracks (and also started slightly on my tigers).

So have same pictures of the current state of things. They aren't done just yet, still need a few things, matt varnish being one of them.

But anyway, picture time.

And a few of the gunners.

The skin turned out a bit to bright on these figures, but tbh I'm just to lazy to fix it now :-p

Hopefully I will have these done by this weeks some time. Then I will gather up all my willpower and try to finish my Panzer Grenadiers (I really don't like painting figures in this scale, just to tiny when I have to meet my own standards.... ^^ )

Stay Tuned!

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