Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fritz Biermeyer - Battlefront - GE889

A Panzer commander from the 3. SS Panzerdivision


So while I been painting my panzer grenadiers I have also begun work on another kit I've recently recieved. This time it's a special character from the 3. SS Panzer Division, Sturmbannführer Fritz Biermeyer.

As I've only been painting tanks and figures from Plastic Soldier Company so far, I was quite looking forward for my first real look of the Battlefront set, and I must say its very beautifully sculpted considering the scale. This tank comes with zimmerit which is very nice if you, like me, don't have the nerve to try doing it yourself in this scale, so thats a huge plus in my book. I'll still maintain that if you want some very cheap nicely detailed tanks you should probably just buy some kits from PSC to get your army going, but like the infantry I'm currently painting these sets can easily be used together as the scale is pretty much identical, the Battlefront vehicle might be slightly higher, but I doubt you'll notice once the battle begins :-D

As you can see I haven't done a lot yet, but I've only been painting this while waiting for paint to dry on my infantry :-p

Update 26.03.2013

After I fnished my first batch of infantry, I decided to get a bit of work done on Biermeyer. I still need to get near my airbrush to finish him completely, but painting wise he is basicly done.

 And here's some with turrent and hull put together :-)

Here's the schürzen which I still need to paint a few things on with my airbrush, and then the entire vehicle needs a coat of varnish.

Finished! 28.03.2013

Let's just let the pictures do the talking.

I think I managed to get quite a nice result with this model and its simply been a pleasure to build and paint. Compared to my PSC Pz IV I can only say that both kits have their own  pros/cons, but I wouldn't hesitate to mix and match my army with vehicles/figures from both companies.

Next vehicles up for painting is some halftracks for my infantry platoon, so stay tuned for that!

Now back to the infantry! :-D



  1. I have to say, for many.people, your w.i.p. "haven't done a lot yet" tank surpasses our "completed" models....well done! Looks great and thanks for sharing.